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The application of HDPE pontoon floating marina


What a HDPE pontoon floating marina is, like its literal meaning, is a wharf that can float up and down with the water level, and can be stitched in multiple shapes as needed, with a fiberglass awning at the top. The material uses high molecular weight HDPE, which is an enhanced material for anti-rot, antifreeze, antioxidant and anti-purple lines, and is not eroded by seawater, chemicals, medicaments, oil stains and aquatic organisms, and it is pollution-free and does not damage the environment.


Floating pontoon cubes.jpg


Structure of  HDPE pontoon floating marina is very simple, fast, flexible, diverse shape, the overall use of modular structure, can meet the needs of a variety of landscapes, quickly change the shape of the platform, its appearance of bright colors, beautiful shape, so as to decorate the scenic area more gorgeous, to enhance the publicity effect. It can also build different architectural styles with other material products depending on the venue and atmosphere. Supporting equipment, there are tethered bolts, cable piles, anti-collision ball, guardrail, landing bridge and pedal, etc., the wharf can be moored in various sizes of ships. Another because of the buoyancy characteristics of the water floating platform, the wharf can be automatically lifted with the water level rise and fall, passengers up and down the ship's safety and comfort greatly increased. It provides more convenience for life.

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