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What is Solar floating system


Solar floating system or floating photovoltaic refers to the installation of solar panel arrays on a base table floating on the surface of the water. The technology is still in its early application phase, but it is growing exponentially. From 2008 to 2014, the original 20 floating photovoltaic power stations had an installed capacity of only more than 10 KW and a cumulative Installed capacity of only 10MW. By September 2018, the world's cumulative Installed capacity had reached 1.1GW, doubling 100 times times.


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According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 27% of the water surface in the United States, which has been identified as suitable for installing floating photovoltaics, can meet nearly 10% of U.S. electricity demand. Large hydroelectric power stations create a large reservoir that can theoretically be used to install floating photovoltaics, and can produce the same amount of electricity as the peak of a hydroelectric power station with only a small cover of water.

There are still some challenges to floating photovoltaic, such as lack of sound tracking records, unknown impact on the environment, how to ensure the safe operation of electrical parts on the water, the anchorage and mooring of floating parts and so on.

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