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Application of floating pontoon cubes


Floating pontoon cubes is mainly a closed metal cylinder floating on the water surface, with iron anchors fixed at the bottom for mooring or making navigation marks. There is also a new type of buoy, which is made of strong polymer polyethylene and other materials. It has good weather resistance and impact resistance, and can resist ultraviolet rays, antifreeze and seawater chemical oil stains. As the tide rises and falls, it can rise and fall automatically. Floating pontoon cubes is widely used in the construction of floating platforms such as floating bridges and docks.

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Multifunctional engineering pontoon bridge is a revolutionary product of excellent quality. It is a square multi-functional plastic cubic pontoon bridge with four connecting rings, which has brought huge surprises to consumers all over the world and won their benefits. Commentary. The float material is made of high molecular weight and high density synthetic materials. It is an anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet strengthening material. It is not affected by seawater, chemicals, chemicals, oil pollution and aquatic organisms; it is pollution-free and does not damage the environment. The component is simple, fast, flexible and has various shapes. The overall modular structure can be used to meet the needs of various landscapes, and the shape of the platform can be changed rapidly. The appearance of floating pontoon cubes is bright and beautiful, and the decoration is beautiful, which enhances the publicity effect.

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